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Michael Janes - Tuesday, February 24, 2015
We at Discover Tees Valley consider ourselves a part of the Tees Valley community. Every individual, business, organisation, charity and council is a part of the community and everybody has something they can contribute. Every large borough and every small village is a part of the larger, overall community that is the Tees Valley and we believe that it is a great thing to be involved with.

One of the main aims of Discover Tees Valley is to change the image and overall perception of the Tees Valley; we do not focus on any negative media publications or public opinions, we only focus on the positive aspects, of which we believe there are many. If you are an individual or a company who feels as passionate about the Tees Valley as we do, we encourage you to sign up for our free members-only area. By joining, you will receive exclusive access to our message boards and forums, as well as a Business tool kit and free documents and images you can use to promote both yourselves and the Tees Valley.

We are looking to develop our business plan with the structure of a Community Interest Company (or CIC). We are looking for passionate members of the community to join our committee. We are looking for people who are knowledgeable about education, sport, transport, family, heritage, culture and arts. We are also looking for visitor representatives and community action groups. We intend to work with other like-minded businesses and organisations for the greater good of the Tees Valley area; by doing this we intend to promote jobs, keep trade local, enhance the economy of the area and provide the rest of the UK and the world with a positive impression of the area.

In addition to our website, blogs and forums, we are also very active on several social media sites including: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. We regularly post updates on local events, businesses and charity fundraisers as well as posting photographs, articles, video content and other media. We encourage anybody who is interested to drop us a “Like”, “Favourite” “Retweet” or to “Pin” our photographs to your own personal boards. Become part of our community today. 


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