The World Benefits from Our Tees Valley

Carl Quartermain - Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The businesses within the Tees Valley have influenced the world, from building Sydney Harbour Bridge through to creating the railways.


Continuing this tradition we have created a brand called “Made in Tees Valley” which is free to use on a royalty free basis to any business that resides in the Tees Valley.

It is our intention to build a passion for what Our Tees Valley can offer the world. With close links to industry the Tees Valley has a unique offering of culture, processing, spiritual and technology across rural and urban areas. Tees Valley is described as “the wedge and gateway to the North East and Northumberland” sitting between the North East of England and North Yorkshire.

Building up our community of likeminded businesses Michael Janes MD of Tees Valley Tourism Alliance believe that we need to have a pride in what we do. He Said, “The range of businesses within Our Tees Valley is vast. We have a great heritage of rail, shipbuilding and steel; but with our economy changing we need to stand together in one voice to show how proud we are of Our Tees Valley. By using the brand mark Made in Tees Valley we promote all businesses, and the area, so that people consider all the great option available to them. I am confident that as the area works together we can take great pride in benefitting the whole world.”

Register your interest to use the brand mark and download the guidelines.


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