HR Knowledge - Social Media & Employment Law

10-Feb-2016 - 10-Feb-2016


Time: 09:30 - 11:30
Location: Durham County Cricket Club, Durham, DH3 3QR
HR Knowledge - Social Media & Employment Law


One of the most significant developments in the workplace in the last decade has been the arrival of social networking. It is estimated that 85% of people in the UK have used the Internet, nearly half the population have a smartphone (ie one able to connect to the Internet) and a similar percentage use social media sites (Department of Health, The Power of Information, 2012). For many, social networking is already a part of normal life. And the next generation of employees and workers will never have known a world without the Internet and mobile phones.

A this event we will discuss the new challenges — and risks — to HR: how to manage the use of social networking and how to deal with its misuse, particularly where the reputation of the business is affected negatively.

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Croner is committed to help businesses comply with the legal requirements relevant to their organisation in areas such as human resources, health and safety, environmental management, trade and transport.

Croner works closely with NECC to provide members with advice and guidance on matters relating to health and safety and human resources. Croner provides members with this information across a number of formats and also engages with NECC to deliver information sessions and events, to the benefit of all NECC members.
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