SEP Review - Advanced Manufacturing Sector

15-Mar-2016 - 15-Mar-2016


Time: 17:00 - 18:30
Location: TBC
SEP Review - Advanced Manufacturing Sector


Tees Valley Unlimited are currently reviewing the Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) for Tees Valley to ensure it is fit for purpose and accurately reflects our vision and priorities for the area.

We are keen to engage with a wide range of partners and stakeholders in the early stages of the review process. We are therefore holding various sector based engagement sessions and we hope you will be able to attend the session relevant to you.

The main topics of discussion at the sessions will be:
Where we are now?
Where we want to get to?
What might it look like?
A review of the 25,000 jobs target and replacement jobs demand

What are the priorities for your sector in relation to the following themes:
                o  Transport & Infrastructure
                o  Innovation
                o  Education, Employment & Skills
                o  Business Growth
                o  Place
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